6 tips on how to care for your textured hair this Summer

Posted on July 06 2021

Summer is finally here – hoorah! As the season of fun unfolds, it’s important to take a different approach to your hair care regimen to avoid the damaging effects of the sunshine. Luckily, we’ve got 6 quick and easy tips that you can implement to keep your hair strong and healthy so you can focus on the important business of enjoying your summer.


1. Choose protective styling

Particularly in the summer months, the sun can be very drying and repeated exposure to direct sunlight can cause our hair to become dry and brittle. Keeping your hair safely tucked away in a protective style like braids, crochet braids and or faux locs is a stylish and practical way to keep your hair safe from the elements, whilst leaving your scalp free to breathe. Box braids is a classic style that screams summer is uploading. For a summery style statement use Ultra Braid Pre-Stretched, £4.15 by X-Pression to braid your hair. These vibrant hair extensions come in an array of neon ombre shades that’s guaranteed to make your Instagram feed pop.

2. Sleep in satin

If left unprotected, our hair is vulnerable to damage which can occur during the night as we sleep if it rubs against cotton pillowcases. The reason? Well, the friction caused between the hair and the cotton material can weaken the strands leading to damage. An easy solution is to ensure you wear hair protecting garments before you hit the sack such as silk or satin bonnets or pillowcases. These delicate materials will help the hair remain strong and in turn, promote growth. Also, since satin is a not a very absorbent material, your hair keeps most of its moisture during the night which stops it from becoming dry.

3. Deep condition regularly

Just think, when our skin feels dry, we intuitively slather on lotions and butters to add nourishment. The same rule applies to our hair. When the sun saps it of its moisture a deep conditioning treatment will help to restore lost nourishment and hydration. We love Andre Walker’s TKO Ultimate Moisture Conditioner, £7.99, which is an excellent treatment that deeply moisturises dry and brittle sun-exposed hair making it robust, shiny and healthy. Apply after shampooing and leave on for 10-20 minutes for the ultimate treatment.


4. Trim your ends

We know it’s a drag but trimming your hair every 3-4 months really is one of the most effective ways of avoiding sun related damage. Split ends make your ends look raggedy and lifeless, so we urge you to not shy away from the scissors and you’ll be rewarded with hair that looks thicker and feels healthier.


5. Use the LCO method

As far as hair regimen trends go, the LCO method is really one of the most effective routines to implement during the summer months. LCO is an acronym for leave-in, cream and oil, and the idea is you add these three products to help increase moisture retention over longer periods of time, helping to reduce dryness. Try a rich natural oil such as Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil, £2.99 to seal your ends and also help to stimulate growth.



6. Shampoo and Conditioner

It’s important not to forget the basics of haircare during the summer. After trips to the beach or swimming in pools, you must wash out the chlorine or salt. A good quality shampoo will rid the hair of build-up, grime and all other impurities, while the conditioner restores the nutrients to keep your hair healthy and moisturised. Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo, £8.49 and Sunny Isle Extra Dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner, £8.49 are great products to keep your hair protected from chemicals while swimming so you can enjoy your summer without worrying about hair damage.