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A beginner's guide to passion twists

A beginner's guide to passion twists

It’s the protective style that's got everyone talking. Read on to learn about the smouldering hot styling trend that's set to dominate.

One of the hottest protective styles to emerge recently is passion twists. Although double stranded twists have been around for many years, passion twists offer a slightly different slant on the style. The twists are less defined, and have more of a relaxed spiral pattern, creating gorgeous curls. To get the look, here are five things you need to know about passion twists.

Who, what, where?

The look instantly took off when Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn, AKA Boho Babe, debuted passion twists on her Instagram feed @xolovekailyn. Kailyn says she created the style for those who desired goddess locs but also wanted their hair to have a bohemian feel. Like many protective styles, synthetic hair extensions are used to create passion twists. And like braids, you can opt to wear the hair in any length, style or colour. As it currently stands, it’s one of the most sought-after protective styles online with an excess of 284,000 hashtags (and counting) created on Instagram including the words #passiontwists.

You will need to buy specific extensions

Passion twists tend to have a high sheen to them and a wavy, fluffy texture, so you'll need to purchase a specific type of extension to achieve the look. Water Wave extensions are a popular choice, or you can opt for pre-twisted packs of hair that can be crocheted on. We suggest purchasing at least six to seven packs for a full head. The extensions are quite light and bouncy and can be washed.

Installing is pretty straightforward

The application process for passion twists is much the same as traditional double stranded twists. Working with freshly washed hair, start by taking a small section and then apply your passion twist extensions, intertwining the two. Twist in a clockwise motion (both the hair and your extensions) until you get to the bottom and then leave the twist in its natural state – it will unravel slightly but will be secure. Repeat the process through the entire head. As mentioned above, pre-formed passion twists can also be installed using the crochet method.

Daily maintenance is a must

Keep your passion twists looking neat and full of lustre by implementing a simple routine. Apply a mousse to your hair to minimise any frizz that may occur from humidity and the wear and tear of everyday living. It’s also crucial that you don't neglect your scalp while wearing any type of protective style. Tolu Agoro, brand ambassador for Cantu Beauty, offers this advice: “Less is more when it comes to keeping your scalp clean and healthy while wearing twists,” she says. “To ensure that your scalp remains in optimum condition when you wear your passion twists, use a product to soothe and nourish your scalp such as Cantu's Refresh Root Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil. It is ideal for synthetic extensions, as it soothes itchiness, refreshes the scalp and moisturises hair without the need for water.”

They can last all summer long

With maintenance, your passion twists will last for the duration of your summer holiday and beyond. Braid specialist Gillian Nsianguana explains: "With good care and professional application, passion twists can last anywhere from four to six weeks. And with a touch-up, they will last a further two weeks before a take out is advised,” Visit her Instagram page @braidedbygilly for glorious examples of how to style your passion twists.