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Urban - Barbados Twist

  • £6.99
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Product Description

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Unleash your inner island style with the Barbados Twist. A true expression of timeless beauty, these bespoke twists will never go out of style. The easy-to-install, pre-looped application allows for hassle-free customisation at home. With two lengths available, as well as a range of shades, each pack contains a generous bundle of 36 strands so you can tailor your look to suit your goddess vibe!

Essential Info
  • Type of hair: 100% Premium SYN Fibre
  • Heat resistant: No
  • Type of product: pre-looped braids
  • Application/installation method: crochet braiding
  • Packs per full head: Four to five packs*
  • Weight of packet: 12” 100g, 16” 140g
  • Number of strands per pack: 36
  • Number of strands per loop: one
  • (*) This is a recommended number: the number of packs largely depends on your chosen style, preferred thickness/fulness, length and head size.