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Curlfinity - Orange Rod

  • £4.99
Complete the look

Product Description

For body and bounce. These full-sized curls are sure to impress.

Thanks to its unique twist and roll method, Curlfinity shapes fuller, more long-lasting curls. Pre-looped and rod set, they're super easy to install while the natural hair texture blends seamlessly with your own tresses.

Essential Info
Recommendations: Provides a great protective style.
Type of hair: Synthetic
Packs used for full head: 5 to 7 packs (*)
Curls per pack: 20 pcs
Weight / 20" pack: (approx.) 66g
Weight / 10" pack: (approx.) 30g

(*) This is a recommended number: the number of packs largely depends on your chosen style, preferred thickness/fullness, length and head size.