6 reasons why Soul Cap Microfibre Towel is life-changing for textured hair

Posted on October 25 2021

All hair towels are not created equally. During washday you may be tempted to just reach for any old towel lying around to do the job of drying your hair, but your life (and hair) will be transformed just by taking the small step of swapping a traditional cotton towel for a microfibre one.

Cotton towels overall can be drying to the hair due to its coarse texture, which can potentially lead to dryness and breakage, especially since our hair is at its most fragile when its wet. A microfibre on the other hand will gently dry your hair while infusing it with moisture too. New to Spell Beauty is the Soul Cap Hair Towel, a lightweight and high-performing microfibre towel that you need to add to your hair arsenal pronto. Need further convincing? Here follows 6 reasons why you need to purchase a microfibre towel today.


  1. Cuts down drying time

If you have Afro textured hair, you don’t need us to tell you how time-consuming hair drying can be whether you choose to dry your hair naturally or use a little help from a hairdryer. Due to the small size of the synthetic fibres that make up a microfibre towel, it has a larger surface area, which means your towel is stacked with a high density of absorbent fibres despite its lightweight feel and appearance. In turn, it soaks up water and moisture a lot quicker than a traditional cotton towel, taking your strands from drenched to soft and dry with a swiftness.


  1. Gentler to your curls

Microfibre towels by design have a smoother texture which is just what our curls and coils crave. With just a few gentle strokes of the Soul Cap Hair Towel, you’ll experience just how soft and smooth the fibres are. And the best of all?  Your hair will be benefiting from it. Retaining as much softness and moisture to your hair as possible is one of the most effective ways to eliminate dryness and breakage and promote hair strength and growth instead.


  1. Helps you wave goodbye to friction

Friction is a big no, no when it comes to Afro textured hair. It’s known to cause dryness, frizz and split ends, and it’s one of the by-products of using traditional towels made from cotton due to its coarse texture. By making a swap to a gentler microfibre towel like Soul Cap, you will help to reduce breakage making your strands stronger and softer.


  1. Prevents knots and tangles

We’ve all been there before when using regular towels - one minute you’re meticulously drying your hair and the next thing you know your curls have become entangled. This often occurs because the loose strands from traditional terry cloth or cotton towels become intertwined with your curly, coily hair. While on the surface this may not seem like much of an issue, it can be damaging to your delicate curly mane and may lead to unwanted knots and tangles. A microfibre towel is softer in fibre and tends to not shed or fray, so there is less chance of breakage occurring.


  1. Lightweight and compact

One of the other unsung benefits of using a microfibre towel is just how lightweight they are, and in turn - convenient. Wearing a traditional towel over your head when your hair is wet can feel akin to carrying a small human on your head, in contrast you barely feel the weight of a microfibre towel even when your mane is drenched. The smaller size of the Soul Cap towel makes it perfect for packing when you’re embarking on a short trip and suitcase space is scarce.


  1. Keeps strands smooth and shiny

Microfibre towels provide the added benefit of making your hair feel smooth and shiny. The tiny soft fabric keeps the cuticle uninterrupted resulting in hair that feels soft to the touch and glossy and nourished in appearance.