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5 reasons to wear a braided lace wig

5 reasons to wear a braided lace wig

With the launch of the Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig, get set to wear the best braids of your life! And here’s why...

With women around the world turning to lace wigs for all sorts of reasons – they’re easy to wear, look natural, save on time – it might be fair to say it’s the best thing since sliced bread! When it comes to braided styles it just so happens to tick a lot of boxes too, and is fast becoming the savvy way to wearing hit hairstyles like box braids, twists and even scalp exposing styles like canerows. If you’re still on the fence about lace wigs, here are five reasons to possibly change your mind...

1. Protect your hair

Wig wearers are notorious for showing off their lush natural hair once a unit comes off, and this is a sure-fire sign they’re doing something right. When the hair is braided too tightly this can lead to breakage, especially on take out, and in worst case scenarios cause traction alopecia (hair loss). The Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig is made with ultra-lightweight braiding hair, eliminating tension and sore spots. The fit is so secure it can be worn without glue, and unlike protective styles that limit access to the scalp area, once the wig is off you can feed your hair the nutrients it needs.


2. Stay on trend

The beauty of wigs is that it allows you to experiment – after all, how do you think celebrities like Beyoncé, and Jordyn Woods get to switch it up in the blink of an eye?. A good lace wig takes the pressure off cutting, colouring and braiding your own hair; making it the perfect way to stay on trend without compromising your precious tresses. The Cloud 9 Swiss Lace Wig boasts a variety of hot right- now styles from Goddess Locs, Feed In Fulani Cornrows, Senegal Twists to waist-skimming Box Braids. The only drawback is deciding which one to wear!


3. Versatility

Wearing a wig doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a style rut for days on end. Made with a 4x4 Swiss lace base and hand-tied braided strands, the Cloud 9 lace wigs are packed full of natural movement. The hair can be manoeuvred in any direction, so you can flip the parting from side to side or wear a half up, half down. Complete with baby hairs, flawless blending and pretty gel downs are also an option. Best of all, your hair is fully protected under the ventilated cap and comes up against no form of manipulation – the number one cause for breakage.

4. Avoid bad hair days

Hair has a habit of misbehaving from time to time and if you don’t have a hairdresser on speed dial for a quick fix your best bet is a lace wig. Why? The pre-styled unit is ready-to-rock (again saving on time), and the soft Swiss lace is custom cut to suit your hairline for a seamless blend. With these easy-to-wear wigs, you don’t need to be a pro at slaying a frontal either. The flesh toned lace adapts to all complexions, so the extra step of applying make-up to the base isn’t entirely necessary. Unless you let the cat out the bag, or in this case the unit, no one will be privy to your hairmares or style secrets.


5. Save on time

With everyone leading busy lives rushing from A to B, who’s got 10 hours spare to have their hair braided? Who has time to run to the shops with a bonnet to buy more packs of hair when they’ve run out? All of these familiar scenarios will become a thing of the past. We live in a time of instant gratification. Buying clothes online to be delivered the same day has become a thing of the norm, and the same goes for fast-tracking your way to a brand new hairstyle. Just think; you don’t have to spend the day in the salon getting a sore bum when you can wake up, fix on your cap and go!


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