Get Colour Creative

Add a smooth wave and a burst of colour to your look. These easy-to-apply clips mean you can snap in and go. Enhance your style with ease and enjoy boosting your natural locks with vibrant, va va voom colour.

Quick Facts:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Made with built-in clips for fast and secure application
  • One pack includes: 1 clip / 1" wide / 18" long
  • Fully styleable; can be curled or straightened using heated tools up to 180deg C.

  • Essential Info

    Recommendations: Get colour creative by mixing an array of shades and styles to create a beautiful bespoke finish.
    Type of hair: Synthetic Hi-Heat
    Type of product: Clip-in
    Weight / pack: 8g

    How To Use

    1. Find a location where you would like to apply the clip
    2. Gently Tease your own hair at the root
    3. Apply little hair spray directly on a teased root for firm hold
    4. Open clip and slide in firmly downward at the root and close clip
    5. Trim if needed and brush to blend in and style
    6. You may apply heat (300-350f) to curl but be sure to cool to set the curls

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